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FALL 2023

Reclaiming the Mother Within

Learn how to Nurture, Affirm, and Stand For Yourself as Your Fiercest Ally

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In this intimate live experiential course for women you will:

  • Discover what it means to nurture yourself, even if you didn't receive adequate nurturing in your childhood.
  • Begin trusting in your ability to nurture and affirm yourself.
  • Know what it means to stand for yourself as your fiercest ally and learn how to feel safer and more protected.

It's never too late to begin nurturing you.

Get the tools to discover what you needed then, what you need now, and how you can create the life you're meant to live — from the inside out.


About Victoria

(formerly Vicki Tidwell Palmer)

For over 35 years, I've worked with courageous women as they have faced, healed, and overcome the impact of relational trauma. I've also faced and healed deeply personal wounds of my own. (One thing they don't tell you is that if you're dedicated to personal growth, it never ends!)

Today I work with clients from many walks of life and backgrounds — stay-at-home-moms, executive coaches, aspiring artists and writers, healthcare practitioners, and a few visionary entrepreneurs doing the kind of work that changes the world on a massive scale.

The world is in desperate need of change at the moment. And each of us has a part.

Your transformation lights me up.

When I see a client wake up in an instant to the liberating truth that what she's been thinking and believing about herself for decades is in fact a lie, it’s the high point of my day.

Your life can fundamentally change in a moment, just like that. 

I get intensely curious when there's a deep silent pause after I ask a client a question. Silence means the question landed. I can't wait to hear what it sparked. Because I know the answers are inside you.

Most of us have never been seen or listened to long enough to find our inner compass.

That's why I love guiding my clients on a journey of Returning to the authentic truth of who they are, Reclaiming what is theirs, and Receiving everything that is meant for them. So that they can Regenerate their lives, their relationships, families, communities, and the world.

Imagine you, filled up

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It is so important that you feel good. It’s good for you, your loved ones, and the world.


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