In my last article, How to Stop Blocking Receiving What You Want, I shared three things you can do once you’ve made the decision to take charge of creating the happiness, peace, and sense of worthiness you desire.

In case you missed it, here are the three beginning steps to take:

  • See the ways you currently (and unconsciously) block receiving what you want.
  • Identify the power you already have to create what you want.
  • Make a commitment to yourself and take a first, small action.

One woman shared in the comments that she made a commitment to herself by enrolling in a program she wanted to attend, and deciding to go to the movies and get a foot massage the next day. She said she felt better by just getting her commitments to herself down on paper!

Making a commitment to yourself that you are ultimately in charge of creating the peace, happiness, and sense of enough-ness that you desire is a huge step.

And if you’ve made this decision and commitment to yourself, congratulations!

This may be a completely new way of seeing yourself, your relationships, and your life — all of which take courage and vulnerability.

Of course, even after you make this decision and commitment to yourself, you’ll experience setbacks and bumps in the road. You will probably even forget from time to time. You’ll catch yourself living in the old mindset that your happiness comes from other people or external circumstances.

That’s why you need to become grounded and stabilized in this new way of thinking about and creating your life.

This reminds me of a day when a woman in one of my coaching groups shared that her biggest takeaway from group that day was that she felt so clear and relieved because she knew exactly what she wanted regarding a challenging situation involving her mother-in-law.

And the reason she got this clarity and relief came from one simple question I had asked her:

What do YOU want?

It’s sad, but true, that this deceptively simple question is not the first question most women ask themselves when they’re facing a challenge.

Instead, the question (or thought) is something like:

  • What will THEY think?
  • What will HE say?
  • How can I make everyone happy?
  • I can’t do/have/say/think/feel THAT!

“How can I make everyone happy?” is particularly problematic, because YOUR happiness is usually nowhere to be found in this question.

A few years ago, a courageous coach I was working with asked me, when I was complaining about something my husband hadn’t done for me, “Does it feel like he’s your savior?”

Ouch! But the truth was, she was completely right.

I was looking to my husband to save me — as if he was The Source of my happiness. For way too long I looked to external circumstances or to other people for my serenity, peace, contentment, or happiness.

We come by this outside-in focus honestly, because it’s what our family, our culture, the media, and countless other influences teach us.

We are literally trained to focus on other people, and to discount, dismiss, ignore, or deny ourselves.

It doesn’t work. It doesn’t work for us, and it doesn’t work for our relationships because we’re empty, depleted, exhausted, and resentful.

So, what is the remedy?

If you want to stay true to your commitment to you, you need support, and a systematic framework that will teach you and show you how to live from the inside out.

Having this knowledge and these skills is vital for you if you’re ready to try a new way to reliably access the peace, happiness, and worthiness that you already are.

I want to share with you the highlights of my framework for supporting women to do just that.

It’s called The Radiant Threefold Path of Return+Reclaim+Receive, and there are seven Invitations:

  1. The Invitation to Know
  2. The Invitation to Stand
  3. The Invitation to See
  4. The Invitation to Speak
  5. The Invitation to Give
  6. The Invitation to Unveil
  7. The Invitation to Receive

Each of these Invitations will bring you closer to what you truly desire.

They will give you the self-awareness, self-care, self-approval, and self-love you’ve been seeking for so long from the outside.

Here is an introduction and description of each of the seven Invitations:

The Invitation to Know

Knowing you means uncovering the perfect truth of who you are. Reclaiming your authentic self starts with knowing exactly who you are — body, mind, and soul.

Women have been trained for so long to practice so many forms of being “nice” and people-pleasing that we simply don’t know the quickest route to our own authentic happiness.

And that is discovering who we are, separate from every expectation from the outer world — even from those who are most dear to us.

Discovering you starts with returning to your instinctive and authentic self — knowing what you feel, what you think, what pleases your senses, and what you desire.

Knowing you is the foundation for everything. Yes, everything!

The Invitation to Stand

Standing for you means claiming what is yours.

When you know how to stand for you, you become your fiercest ally and protector. Notice how it feels in your body when you say, “I am my fiercest ally and protector.”

We’ve been treated like second-class citizens — even by our own actions — for so long we’ve gotten used to putting our needs and wants second, or sometimes last.

If you make putting yourself second, third, or last a habit, or you feel incapable of making another choice, before you know it you will forget that you deserve to have your own voice, speak your truth, claim space, and stand for what you desire.

When you know who you are and what you desire, you will reclaim parts of yourself you didn’t even know were missing.

The Invitation to See

Seeing means accepting reality as it is — which is easier said than done.

When you can’t acknowledge or embrace your truth, when you self-deceive, or can’t see reality for what it is, you suffer.

The invitation to See is vital to creating the life you envision for yourself. Without the ability to know what is true, you can’t speak it or invite to you everything that is meant for you.

The Invitation to Speak

Speak means expressing your authentic truth.

It’s one thing to know your truth, but when you share your truth with someone else you elevate your life and your relationships to a whole new level.

The hidden magic of speaking what is true for you is that when you do, you feel more confident and more trusting in yourself as your fiercest ally.

You also begin to attract to you everything that is meant for you, because you are putting out into the world the thoughts, emotions, and desires that are most dear to you.

The Invitation to Give

This is a different kind of give than you may be used to thinking about.

When I hear the word “give,” I sometimes have a negative internal response, especially when I’m already over-committed, over-scheduled, and overwhelmed. In a word, depleted.

The Invitation to Give, in the Radiant Threefold Path framework, means giving to you.

Owning the power you have right now to give yourself approval, joy, pleasure, and to manifest the desires of your heart.

Looking to other people — or to stuff or status — to make you happy never works. If you truly want contentment, joy, peace, and happiness you must take empowered ownership for creating it.

Fully accepting that you are responsible for your happiness can be a tough pill to swallow. But if you don’t, who will?

The Invitation to Unveil

To unveil is to reveal your mind, body, soul, and your desires while being both vulnerable and protected.

Revealing your authentic self is the heart of vulnerability and intimacy.

Unveiling can sound a bit scary . . . and it sometimes is. Yet, without revealing who you are, it’s impossible for you to experience the intimacy you long for.

The Invitation to Receive

Most women are (unknowingly) compulsive over-givers.

We over-give in a misguided effort to connect with others, and to receive what we desire.

The surprising truth is that learning how to receive is the fastest route to getting the connection you crave. Women who know how to receive exude confidence, pleasure, joy, and radiance — which invites people to give even more to them.

Receiving is vulnerable and may make you feel out of control.

But the truth is that as a woman, receiving is your (forgotten) super-power.

Receiving is the essence of feminine power, and the foundation for regeneration.

Regeneration happens when you are filled up with your own conscious self-love, so that you can offer your unique gifts to the world from a place of joy, peace, and abundance.

This is radiant empowerment.

Imagine what it would feel like to:

  • Know your authentic truth.
  • Stand as your fiercest ally.
  • See reality as it is.
  • Speak your authentic truth.
  • Give to yourself.
  • Unveil your mind, body, and soul with vulnerability and protection.
  • Receive what is meant for you.

Which one of these Invitations is speaking to you now? What is one first action you would like to take toward your own radiance?

Share in comments below!💙

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I want to support you to Return to the authentic truth of who you are, Reclaim what is yours, and Receive everything that is meant for you. So that you can Regenerate your life, your relationships, community, and the world.

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