#4 – The Two Functions of Boundaries

Boundaries—the limits you place on yourself and others—have two primary functions: protecting you and other, and defining who you are. If you’re familiar with boundaries, especially the comparison of boundaries to fences, the first function (protection) probably makes sense.

The second function may be less intuitive, but as you’ll learn today, your boundaries define who you are. In short, you’re constantly making decisions about everything from what you eat to what kind of car you drive to how you spend your time. These decisions are all boundaries, because every choice you make rules out hundreds or thousands of other choices. All of these choices demonstrate who you are and how you choose to present yourself.

Biggest Takeaways From Episode #4:

  • There are four primary types of boundaries: physical, sexual, speaking, and listening. Of these, the listening boundary is the most difficult.
  • The four main types of boundaries ultimately have two primary functions. They protect you and others, and they define you and how you present yourself to the world.

Highlights from Episode #4:

  • Victoria welcomes listeners to the fourth episode, which will explore the two primary functions of boundaries. [00:31]
  • We learn about the first of the two main functions of boundaries: protection. [02:57]
  • The listening boundary is challenging and deserves further exploration in a future episode, but Victoria introduces it here. [05:09]
  • Victoria talks about the second function of boundaries: defining who you are. [07:40]
  • We hear a quick recap of the points in this episode. Please subscribe so you won’t miss an episode, and if you’re listening before May 7, 2024, check out the preorder bonuses available for Personal Boundaries For Dummies! [09:18]

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