#5 – How to Know You Need to Set a Boundary

How do you know when you need to set a boundary? Sometimes it’s obvious, but sometimes it’s more challenging to know—or that you have the power and the right to set one! 

In this episode, I’ll share three signs that point to the need to set a boundary. Uncomfortable emotions, repeating stories and complaints, and even certain types of people in your life can all be signs that it’s time to set a boundary to give yourself more space, peace, and freedom. Knowing what to look for (and in the case of certain people, what to expect afterward) can help you as you move forward with your boundary work.

Biggest Takeaways From Episode #5:

  • We mostly think about boundaries being with other people, but you can also set boundaries with yourself, and these can be just as (or more) valuable.
  • Certain emotions can indicate that you might need to set a boundary. For example, if you feel angry or overwhelmed, ask yourself if you need to set a boundary or limit to help you.
  • Pay attention to persistent complaints or repeated victim stories. If you complain about the same thing or person over and over, you likely need to set a boundary.
  • You may need to set a boundary if you have people in your life who tend to push back on the limits you try to set with them.

Highlights from Episode #5:

  • Welcome to the fourth episode, which will help you understand when you need to set a boundary. [00:31]
  • Victoria gives a clear example of a time when a boundary is obviously necessary. [02:02]
  • Three categories of your experiences can point toward needing to set a boundary. [03:10]
  • The first category that suggests you may need a boundary is your emotions. [04:28]
  • Persistent complaints or repeated victim stories can also suggest the need for setting a boundary. [08:03]
  • The third sign you might need to set a boundary involves behavior from other people in your life. [09:51]
  • Victoria briefly recaps the episode, invites listeners to subscribe, and explains that if you’re listening before May 7, 2024, you can still get the preorder bonuses for Personal Boundaries For Dummies! [12:03]

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