What I’ve found after coaching women in groups for more than 15 years is that safety and structure are key.

When you belong to a community of authentic, powerful women who (like you) are on a journey of discovering, uncovering, and creating their best life, you will flourish.


There are four key components that make transformative group work truly work:


Direction from an experienced, seasoned Guide who provides you with individualized feedback and guidance for your unique situation.


A framework of knowledge and information so that you can learn the vital skills and tools for creating your best life.


Support in the form of deep listening, feedback, and validation so that you can feel seen, heard, and access your authentic truth.


Accountability that supports you in creating what you want to create — personally, professionally, and in your most important relationships.


I’ve belonged to a lot of groups over the years, going all the way back to junior high school. This group of women is the most positive, encouraging, forward moving, progressive, and helpful community I’ve ever been in.


If you're curious about how my coaching groups work or how group coaching can help you, let's schedule a conversation.

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