#106 – “Why Don’t You Cover Up?”

Have you ever felt disrespected by what someone chose to wear (or not wear) around you, your romantic partner, or other loved ones? And what should you do when someone else’s attire makes you feel uncomfortable? The difficult truth is that you can’t control what other people wear, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have any options. Tune in to learn about your choices in this situation, and what’s within your circle of control.

Biggest Takeaways From Episode #106:

  • We have complete power over the limits that we are able to create for ourselves. For example, if you decide that you want to live separately from another person, the only way to guarantee that will happen is for you to move somewhere else. If something requires the participation of another person, it’s not within your circle of control to make it happen.
  • The only power you have to change another person’s behavior or get them to do something is to make a request. Then the other person decides if they agree, disagree, or want to negotiate an alternative solution.
  • As hard as it can be to accept, the way someone else dresses is completely up to that person.
  • If you’re uncomfortable with how someone else is dressed, there are two basic things you can do. You can change what you do with regard to this person, or you can make a request.

Highlights from Episode #106:

  • Welcome to this episode! Vicki introduces what today’s topic will be, and invites listeners to join her free live virtual event. [00:39]
  • We hear the email that Vicki received that inspired the topic of this episode. [01:50]
  • Vicki reviews some of the basics of how boundaries work. [05:43] 
  • The listener who asked the question that inspired today’s episode may feel a little fearful or threatened, Vicki points out. [08:34]
  • What would Vicki do if she were in this situation? She answers, then talks about how you might approach making a request in this example. [10:47]
  • Vicki explains that in this situation, it comes down to “live and let live” while doing what you need to do to feel comfortable. [16:35]
  • Vicki talks about being very honest with yourself and questioning whether or not your thoughts are true. [18:22]

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