#108 – Quick Tips #15: You Always Get to Change Your Mind

We’ve all been there: you’ve said “yes” to something, and then later changed your mind or realized that it’s not a fit for you. So what do you do? Are you obligated to follow through with your initial answer, or are you allowed to change your mind? (If you’ve read the title of the episode, you already know the answer!) Let’s talk about how to handle this situation, and how to navigate it gracefully.

Biggest Takeaways From Episode #108:

  • While this episode was inspired by a question about wedding invitations, the answer applies to all sorts of topics. You might experience this desire to shift from a “yes” to a “no” after saying you would help someone with something, or go to dinner, an event, or someone’s house, for example.
  • You always get to change your mind. However, there may be consequences. People will have their feelings about your choice to change your mind or not follow through.
  • Would you rather feel briefly uncomfortable by changing your “yes” to a “no,” or would you rather spend time following through with something that you don’t want to do and then feel resentful?
  • Often, a huge amount of relief follows changing your answer to “no.”

Highlights from Episode #108:

  • Welcome to the show! Today’s episode will be all about what to do when you’ve changed your mind. [00:39]
  • Vicki shares a story that’s particularly relevant to the question that inspired this episode. [03:04]
  • We hear a suggestion for what the listener could say in her situation. [04:31]
  • If you’re thinking Vicki’s advice on changing your mind doesn’t apply to your situation, she clarifies how it does apply and might play out. [08:16]
  • You could offer an alternative, Vicki points out. [10:33]
  • Vicki recommends going back to Episode 1 and starting from there if you’re new to the podcast and want to learn more about creating healthy, effective boundaries. [11:01]

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