#117 – The Connecting Power of Boundaries

Happy holidays! This is the final episode for this year, but I’ll have some exciting news exclusively for listeners next year, and I’m looking forward to sharing that with you. For now, let’s talk about the connecting power of boundaries—because they do actually create connection, despite their bad reputation! I’d also like to invite you to reflect on the ways that you want to be more in alignment with yourself, which is one of the best ways to create more connection with others.

Biggest Takeaways From Episode #117:

  • There’s a misconception that boundaries are harsh or rigid, or that they create disconnection. This bad rap usually comes from the people who are on the receiving end!
  • Boundaries can actually lead to connection, sometimes in surprising ways.
  • Setting boundaries with ourselves in terms of how we respond is one of the ways that boundaries can help us connect.
  • When you create a limit with another person and they honor your boundary, that actually creates connection. This can happen in a parent/adult child relationship or even with your significant other.
  • Even saying “no” to a request can be a connecting experience, as long as that is your authentic response.

Highlights from Episode #117:

  • Welcome to the show! Vicki wishes listeners happy holidays, and explains that she’ll be taking some time off for self-care. [00:39]
  • You have a right to create whatever boundary you need to create, Vicki points out. [03:27]
  • Vicki shares a few of the ways that boundaries can create connection. [06:21]
  • If you’re struggling to wrap your head around how honoring a boundary creates connection, think back to a time when someone tried to push the limit or ignored your boundary. [10:58]
  • We learn about how making or receiving a request can be a connecting experience. [13:06]
  • Vicki shares one last example of how limits can help us create connection. [15:22]
  • We hear a recap of the four examples that Vicki has shared today. [18:41]

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