#122 – What Other People Do is 100% About Them


Lately, I’ve been focusing on the theme of “return to you.” And getting caught up in the belief that what other people do is about you can get in the way of returning to, or knowing, yourself. So I’d like to dedicate this episode to exploring the fact that what other people do is in fact about them, not you. If that idea sounds counterintuitive or hard to believe, I hope this episode will help explain why I believe so strongly that it’s true.

Biggest Takeaways From Episode #122:

  • While the title is just about what other people do, this also applies to what other people think, say, or feel. All of this is completely about them.
  • Most of us struggle with understanding that it’s not about us—especially if the other person claims that it is.
  • If you get this wrong and think that these things are about you, you’ll probably try to change. But this doesn’t work, no matter how much you try to twist or morph yourself into somebody else.

Highlights from Episode #122:

  • Welcome to today’s episode, which is all about the fact that what other people do is all about them. [00:39]
  • Vicki talks about the struggle of believing that it’s about us, not the other person. She then shares examples to explain how this relates to boundaries. [02:41]
  • We hear about a presentation that Vicki gave, and why she doesn’t believe in rejection. [06:22]
  • Why is all of this so important? [09:26]
  • Another danger of believing that it is about you is that you’re saying that you’re essentially a god or goddess, Vicki points out. [12:12]
  • Vicki explains that this concept is at the root of a lot of challenges and misunderstandings about boundaries. [15:03]
  • In case you missed the previous announcements, Vicki has brand new monthly boundaries clarifier workshops! [17:25]

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