Did you know that tuning into your body is a brilliant source of information about you and your emotions? It can even help you learn about the boundaries you may want to set. The first step is to notice when you feel emotions in your body, and then start identifying which physical sensations track to which emotions for you.

Biggest Takeaways From Episode #128:

  • Once you’ve noticed the signals from your body, you get to interpret them. You can download this emotions chart based on Pia Mellody’s work for some guidance.
  • Anger, fear, emotional pain, love, and shame are some of the most common emotions, and they’re a great place to start as you’re figuring out how you physically feel emotions.
  • If you feel anger or fear, you may need to set a boundary or express a limit. Pay attention to what your body is telling you, and ask yourself whether a boundary would fit the situation.
  • Next time you have a noticeable physical reaction to an experience, take a moment to identify your sensations. From there, assess what emotions are connected to those sensations.

Highlights from Episode #128:

  • Welcome to today’s episode! We learn about today’s topic, which has to do with bodies and boundaries (but maybe not in the way you expect). [00:39]
  • What does it mean to tune into your body as a source of information? [03:04]
  • Vicki offers some examples of what different emotions might feel like in your body. [06:56]
  • We hear about some potential sensations for emotional pain, love, and shame. [09:32]
  • Anger and fear often come up in situations where we need to set a boundary or limit, Vicki explains. [12:21]
  • What does it mean if you feel a visceral aversion to someone or something? [15:29]
  • Vicki recommends what to do next time you have a physical sensation in response to an interaction or experience. [18:44]

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