#17 – Yes, No & Maybe: Sexual Boundaries for Women with Sheri Winston

I’m delighted to have Sheri Winston on the podcast today as my guest to talk about sexual boundaries! Sheri is a Wholistic Sexuality teacher and an award-winning author. In our conversation today, we’ll explore in-depth the topic of sexuality and boundaries, particularly for women—but also for men, and anyone in between.

Biggest Takeaways From Episode #17:

  • Far from being boring or bad, boundaries create freedom. If you have a hard time appreciating the benefits of boundaries, think about your skin: it’s a boundary that keeps out harmful things (like microbes), while letting in good things (like nourishing lotion), all while being flexible and moving with you.
  • A process of checking in and scanning your energy centers starting with safety, then going to power, then going to thought and intuition can be applied to any boundary you want to set.
  • The steps in communicating your sexual boundaries include checking in with yourself, being a good teacher of your boundaries, listening to what Sheri calls the Guardian and the Gatekeeper, as well as tuning into your Lover and your Warrior.
  • If you consistently struggle with protecting your boundaries, a helpful tool is to imagine that the person you need to stand up to is coming after your sister, your best friend, or even your child.

Highlights from Episode #17:

  • Vicki introduces Sheri Winston, today’s guest. Sheri shares a bit more about herself and explains what a Wholistic Xexuality teacher is. [00:55]
  • A lot of people see boundaries negatively, Sheri explains, and offers a few metaphors to explain why boundaries are not only helpful, but also a constant in everyday life. [11:23]
  • How does Sheri recommend that women become aware of their sexual boundaries? [18:39]
  • Vicki & Sheri explore the complexity of practicing sexual boundaries moment-by-moment. [28:43]
  • Sheri gives listeners some idea of how to communicate around sexual boundaries, including timing. [31:52]
  • How do you know when a partner (or potential partner) isn’t respecting or honoring your sexual boundaries, and what can you do about it? [43:09]
  • Sheri points out that communicating and practicing sexual boundaries is a learning process and that we won’t do it perfectly. Mistakes are how we learn. [49:18]

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