#2: What Good Boundaries Can Do For You + The 5 Types and 2 Functions of Boundaries


In today’s episode, I dive deeper into defining boundaries so that you can understand the different types and how they function. One of the most important concepts in this episode is that physical and sexual boundaries are non-negotiable—meaning a “no” to physical or sexual touch is not negotiable.

Biggest Takeaways From Episode #2:

  • Boundaries give you a sense of safety, create clarity, and help you make important improvements in your life as you set limits.
  • Good boundary-setting skills give you the ability to act from a place of authentic personal power rather than having power over. Authentic personal power means you act from a place of integrity, respect, and taking action over what you have power over.
  • The five boundaries are: physical, sexual, talking, listening, and the personal energy boundary.
  • The two functions of boundaries are to protect you and others, and to define who you are through how you choose to share yourself with others physically, sexually, intellectually, and emotionally.

Highlights from Episode #2:

  • How boundaries provides clarity. [03:03]
  • What good boundaries can do for you. [06:46]
  • How boundaries also give you the ability to know where you stand in important relationships. [12:15]
  • How boundaries give you the ability to define who you are and express your authentic self. [16:48]
  • The two functions of boundaries. [17:19]
  • Overview of the five boundaries. [20:02]
  • Physical and sexual boundaries are non-negotiable personal boundaries. [20:04]

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