#31 – Rest, Rejuvenation, & Boundaries


Today’s episode is all about rest, rejuvenation, and boundaries, which absolutely relate to one another! I’ll explain why rest is so important and why it’s so difficult to unplug in our uber-connected, device saturated world. I’ll also give you some tips on how to truly rest and enter into states of being rather than doing, and why rest is crucial for health, creativity, and even productivity.

Biggest Takeaways From Episode #31:

  • To create spaces of time off—whether for a few hours or a few weeks—you must to create limits on multiple levels.
  • We all need sleep, time away from work, and time away from devices and media. However, the mind feeds on being perpetually occupied and fixating on problems., Technology, social media, and devices make it difficult to exercise the discipline to unplug and rest.
  • Rest, in all of its forms, is an important part of self-care. It’s also important for our creativity, and productivity, as well as connection with others and intimacy.
  • When you decide to unplug and rest, ideally you should define how long you’re going to rest and be mindful of technology that keeps you distracted or tempts you away from rest and rejuvenation.

Highlights from Episode #31:

  • Vicki explains why there wasn’t a new episode last week, talks about what she’s doing in California, and explains what this episode is all about. [01:31]
  • What do unplugging and rest have to do with boundaries? [03:03]
  • We learn what Vicki means by “rest,” and learn a nature metaphor for resting. [05:26]
  • Vicki shares more dangers of not getting enough rest in our hyper-connected world. [11:02]
  • We hear some ways to unplug, truly rest, and enter into being rather than doing. [13:14]
  • Vicki invites listeners to think about at least one area where they can create more space for rest. [18:46]

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