#38 – Safety & Sensuality (for Women)

As with every first episode of the month, this one is dedicated to the topic of women and boundaries. But men, that doesn’t mean you should stop listening! This information will help men have a greater understanding of women’s experiences of safety, sensuality, and sexuality, which can lead to deeper connection with the important women in your life.

Biggest Takeaways From Episode #38:

  • There’s a missing link between a woman’s experience of safety and her sexuality, or between the experience of safety and her sexual connection with a partner, and that missing link is sensuality.
  • A woman’s connection to her sensuality is vital to both her sense of safety and to how she feels about being sexual with a partner. When your senses are satisfied or happy, you feel calmer and safer.
  • Once you’re aware of the relationship between safety and sensuality, you can use your experience of your own senses as a learning laboratory to increase your feelings of sexual safety and expand your awareness of yourself as a sensual being.
  • As you move into more awareness of your body, you’ll begin to identify what’s more pleasing to you. This includes not only sensations of being touched (by yourself or another person), but also your body posture and movement.

Highlights from Episode #38:

  • We hear about the subject of today’s episode, which is dedicated to the topic of women and boundaries. [00:47]
  • Vicki discusses the missing link between a woman’s sense of safety and her sexuality. [01:59]
  • We learn some definitions of words relevant to today’s subject, including the important difference between sensuous and sensual. [04:16]
  • How is sensuality related to boundaries, including non-sexual boundaries? [07:11]
  • Vicki takes a moment to explain the purpose of what she’s been talking about. [10:46]
  • What do you do with the awareness of the relationship between safety and sensuality? Vicki offers ideas for each of the five senses. [13:46]
  • Vicki points out that the sense of touch includes the direct experience of being physically touched, and recommends a body-mapping exercise. [23:14]
  • We hear about an experience that Vicki had around 20 years ago, and how it relates to what she’s been talking about. [26:48]
  • Vicki recaps what she’s talked about in today’s episode. [31:41]

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