#52 – Quick Tips #6: What Not to Do On an Elevator Alone With a Woman


This quick tips episode is officially called “What Not to Do On an Elevator Alone With a Woman,” but it’s actually a boundary rant. Speaking of boundary rants, I’ve been thinking about making rants a regular series on the blog. If I do, I’ll even invite listeners to call in with recorded rants about boundaries, and then play a few on the podcast. If that sounds interesting to you, send me a note!

Biggest Takeaways From Episode #52:

  • This episode was inspired by a recent experience in an elevator with a man who was almost certainly harmless, but also unconscious and clueless of elevator etiquette.
  • When you get on an elevator—regardless of whether you’re alone with a woman—don’t block the door.
  • When you’re on an elevator alone with a woman, don’t stare at any part of her. Better yet, turn slightly away from her. Also, don’t stand in the middle of the elevator; move to the side opposite the buttons to give her some space.
  • If you get off the elevator first, don’t stand in the doorway and hold her hostage in the elevator.
  • Some women will not get on an elevator with a man alone. This isn’t about you, so don’t take it personally.

Highlights from Episode #52:

  • Welcome to the podcast! This quick tips episode is all about what not do on an elevator alone with a woman. [00:39]
  • Vicki explains what inspired her to record this episode. [02:27]
  • We hear the story of the recent experience that Vicki had in an elevator in her office building. [04:42]
  • Vicki takes a moment to share the detail that she had a temporary tattoo, which ends up being important in the story. [06:23]
  • Before the man in the elevator got off on his floor, he blocked the elevator doors to tell Vicki about his recent face-painting experience. [09:12]
  • Vicki explains exactly what was wrong with the story, and lists some things that you shouldn’t do on an elevator. [11:22]

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