#85 – How a Global Pandemic Is Giving Us a Master Class on Boundaries

I hope you are safe, well, and healthy during these uncertain and frightening times. We’re all making adjustments, but I’m profoundly grateful to have my health and to be here to talk to you today. Instead of sticking with my planned topic, let’s take this time to reflect on five specific lessons of the master class that this virus is giving all of us. 

Biggest Takeaways From Episode #85:

  • Our personal health impacts the whole. It has never been more obvious than it is now that if you’re not taking care of your own health, you’re endangering the health of others.
  • The first lesson is that boundaries are about protection. One person’s infection can impact thousands of people. That leads to the second point: when someone or something is offensive, you must take drastic actions.
  • Boundaries create space. I’ve talked about this before on the podcast, but the impact of COVID-19 explains this concept in a new way.
  • This situation is an opportunity for you to tune into your emotions and figure out where you need to set some limits.

Highlights from Episode #85:

  • Vicki welcomes listeners to the episode, and shares her well-wishes for everyone in these unprecedented times. She also talks about how much the world has changed in the last few weeks. [00:40]
  • We learn about how the virus relates to boundaries, with Vicki expressing the virus’ behavior in the language of boundaries. [07:51]
  • The first lesson we can learn from this situation is that boundaries are about protection. [11:12]
  • Vicki talks about the second way that this pandemic can teach us about boundaries. [12:31]
  • The third lesson is that when some people don’t abide by limits or boundaries, they can endanger all of us. [13:39]
  • The fourth lesson that COVID-19 is teaching us about boundaries is that restrictions and limits create space. [15:11]
  • With the restrictions that you are experiencing, what kind of space has opened for you? [22:02]
  • Vicki talks about the fifth way that the pandemic is giving us a master class on boundaries: tuning into your emotions and setting limits. [23:16]

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