#87 – How COVID-19 is Giving Us a Master Class on Boundaries (Part 2)

A couple of episodes ago, I talked about how the pandemic is giving all of us a master class in the way boundaries work. Since then, it’s become clear that those weren’t the only lessons we can be learning. Today, I’ll dig into several more lessons we can learn, and talk about how they relate to fundamental principles of personal and relationship boundaries.

Biggest Takeaways From Episode #87:

  • If you go down a rabbit hole, it’s easy for fear to get the best of us right now. In general, though, fear isn’t something to ignore. Instead, pay attention to your emotions.
  • Just because a person or institution decides it’s okay to ease up a little bit doesn’t mean you need to feel comfortable with that or act accordingly.
  • Some people are essentially oppositional to limits and boundaries; their first answer is just “no.” People have a right to think the virus is a hoax or to take a calculated risk, but there will be consequences not only to them but also potentially to many other people.
  • As restrictions are eased, there will be a gradual flow from quarantine to freedom. This transition from a harsh boundary to a less severe limit can mirror a dynamic in a relationship that had a serious breach of trust.
  • Pay attention to your own reality, your own thoughts based on facts, and your own emotions based on those facts. Then do what you feel is comfortable and right for you.

Highlights from Episode #87:

  • Vicki welcomes listeners to today’s episode, and explains that she’ll talk about more lessons in boundaries that the pandemic is giving all of us. [00:39]
  • We hear a quick review of the five ways that the pandemic is giving us a lesson in boundaries that Vicki covered in Episode 85. [03:03]
  • Something that Vicki didn’t mention in this previous episode about paying attention to your emotions at this time is the (understandable) fear you might be feeling. [09:34]
  • Vicki shares a story she heard from her husband this week, and talks about the first of the new lessons for this episode. [11:31]
  • We learn about another way this pandemic is giving us a master class in boundaries. [17:18]
  • COVID-19 is teaching us about transitioning from a harsh boundary to a less severe limit. [23:22]
  • Vicki brings up an important point: if you live somewhere that guidelines aren’t being followed but you choose to follow them, you may experience some pushback. [28:26]
  • We hear a quick recap of what Vicki has talked about in this episode. [31:08]

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