#100 – 100 Episodes, One Baby Step at a Time

I’m so grateful, amazed, and happy to be here releasing episode #100 of the podcast! And I’m truly humbled by some of the responses I’ve received, and the impact this podcast has had on listeners. Let’s celebrate by looking back on how all this came to be, and exploring some powerful concepts around quality over quantity and creating transformation one choice at a time.

Biggest Takeaways From Episode #100:

  • This podcast came from a quick decision, and was launched within a couple months. Since then, it’s been downloaded in over 90 countries and has almost 600,000 unique downloads.
  • One action, word, choice, or thought can have immense power, while a thousand other actions or choices can be essentially meaningless. It’s all about quality over quantity. It’s important to deliberately choose what we engage in.
  • Simple choices followed by minute-by-minute choices and actions can be incredibly powerful. I’d like to invite you to find something in yourself that wants to be spoken, expressed, or acted upon, and take the next baby step toward fulfilling it.

Highlights from Episode #100:

  • Welcome to Episode #100 of the Beyond Bitchy podcast! Vicki chats briefly about her 30-day Facebook Live event before explaining what she’ll talk about in today’s episode. [00:39]
  • Vicki talks about how the podcast came to be. [03:24]
  • This episode was partially inspired by one of her favorite chapters of The Dhammapada, Vicki explains, and reads a few short verses. [08:27]
  • Vicki ties the concept of quality over quantity together with the theme of boundaries. [12:43]
  • We hear about a post that Vicki recently saw on Instagram, and how she decided to join the conversation. [14:40]
  • Vicki also loves the verses she shared because they hint at the hope of redemption and transformation. [18:07] 
  • This podcast was a simple choice, then a series of choices and actions. Vicki invites listeners to  take the next baby step. [21:46]

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