My private coaching clients come from so many walks of life and backgrounds that they don't easily fit into categories.

My clients are:

Stay-at-home-moms, executive coaches, aspiring artists, writers, and healthcare practitioners. A few are visionary entrepreneurs doing the kind of work that changes the world on a massive scale.


But when I think about what they have in common, there are more similarities than differences.


Below are 6 characteristics that many of my clients have in common.

They may describe you.


You're naturally curious.


Family is important to you.

If you have children, you’re involved in their lives, and highly conscious about the way you parent. You're keenly aware that who you are and what you do is an indelible legacy that you're leaving for your children.


You're a life-long learner.


You've made a positive difference in your community — and maybe even the world — through your involvement in community projects, charitable organizations, causes, or other endeavors that create positive change.


You’ve made at least one significant (and courageous) decision in your life that was not approved of by the people closest to you—maybe even your parents or close family members.

You know what it feels like to choose self-respect over respectability.


You’ve probably done quite a bit of work on yourself already. And even so, you know there's more.

You want to expand, heal, transform, and be at peace with yourself and those you love.

If you see yourself in more than three of these characteristics, let's schedule a conversation.

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